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November 2005

New Book on Early Spiritualism



By Peter Lamont

In June 1871, after a research session with medium Daniel Dunglas Home, scientist Sir William Crookes agreed with the suggestion of fellow researcher Edward Cox, to refer to the phenomena under investigation as Psychic Force. And to refer to people who manifested this Psychic Force in extraordinary form as Psychics.

The term Psychic was born, and therefore the world's first psychic was D.D. Home. Of course there were psychics before him, but he was the first to be referred to as one.

Sir William Crookes was president of the Society for Psychic Research (SPR) in London from 1896-1899. Since the society's inception in 1882, most of the research veered away from physical forms of psychic phenomena such as 'table tapping' to more mental forms, such as telepathy and precognition.

D.D. Home was, however, the best exponent of table-tapping and other physical phenomena, including levitation.

Peter Lamont does an excellent job of writing from a totally objective point of view, and does not disclose his personal opinion of whether Home was a genuine psychic or a genuine fraud until the end of his book.

Home was never caught out cheating in any of the sessions he was a part of, and there were thousands of seances he was involved with.

I could not put this book down, and neither will you.

Reviewed by Simon Turnbull.

Published in August 2005 by Little, Brown.

































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