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October 2005

New Tarot Book by Tarot Expert Linda Marson



By Linda Marson

'Ticket, Passport and Tarot Cards' is great if you love the tarot and a bonus for travel fanatics.

Reading the tarot component of the book turns out to be an easy way to learn more about the cards. Even advanced tarot readers eager to learn more about their chosen passion will find some gems to stash away in their repertoire.

Linda has shared many of her overseas adventures in a unique and insightful manner. When she trots off to an new country with her daughters, she offers candid postcards of what she was feeling about the experience as she goes along.

The meanings of each Tarot card is easy to understand, and the spreads are easy to execute. No beginner will find reading this book a problem, as the flow is smooth as silk.

For those interested in making predictions, the core of her book contains a self-reflection spread, which can be used to project into the future, or shine a light on the past. Linda gives examples of her self-reflection spreads, woven into the stories of the cards she encountered on her travels.

My advice is to order the book as soon as you can, and look into a unique new approach to the tarot you'll definitely enjoy.

Reviewed by Simon Turnbull.

Click here to go to the Linda Marson Website for more info about her book.

Published in October 2005 by Brolga Publishing.
















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