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December 2016

Magazine Review


2017 International Psychics Directory

Your Complete Psychic Guide

In shops in Australia once again from mid February, this psychic guide has the most extensive list of professional psychics and psychic services you'll ever need for 2017.

Celebrating the work of members of the International Psychics Association, with 4 different awards: 2016 Psychic of the Year Awards.

2017 International Psychics Directory is the 13th edition of the annual magazine - The MOST comprehensive list of ACCREDITED Clairvoyants, Mediums and Intuitives available ANYWHERE. Included are the contact details of accurate psychics nationwide for you to peruse, complete with their phone numbers, email addresses, web sites and much more. People all over the world can also contact the cream of Australian psychics and organise phone readings with them.

Articles include 2017 Predictions, Astrology, Numerology, Intuitive Impressions and Techniques for 2017. Also included are 'Your Year by the Stars for 2017' by Kelli Fox. Suzy Cherub explains Empowered Empath, Narelle Scurr explains How to Tune in to your Higher Self in Four Easy Steps - when making a psychic prediction.

Special article from Simon Turnbull's unpublished book: Synchronising with a Past Life.

There are other articles on tarot, mediumship, healing and much more.

Published by IPA/Metier Media. Available from January 2017.






Magazine contributors include Simon Turnbull, Elisabeth Jensen, Francis Bevan, Doreen Van Boxt, Robin Stein, Julie Jara.

Available from Metier Media. Visit website or send an enquiry by email.




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