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January 2006


Simon Turnbull's The Art of Self Love

Psychic Healing Meditation

The psychic healing process is the mere process of loving ourselves. By simply loving ourselves, we can better maintain a balance of emotion that will ensure we do not suffer any longer than absolutely necessary when we become sick, due to stress-related conditions that happen from time to time.

If for some reason we discover that we do not like ourselves, we must immediately set about turning the psychic table in order to remove any blocks towards getting well again. Of course I am not a doctor and cannot give medical advice, but this stuff really works.

Many people, who suffer from low self-esteem due to a lack of psychic or emotional support during their early years, can reverse much of the damage done by the simple process of consciously loving themselves. The immediate change in how you see yourself psychically will begin the healing process.

The side benefit of improving your self-esteem, quite apart from the self-healing, is that you will attract much better people to you as well as a much better quality of life. For some reason the process produces a ‘magical’ effect that has as much to do with the psychic process as it has to do with an enhancement of charisma, another side-benefit of loving yourself.

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