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September 2005

Lyn Buchanan in Perth, Australia, for Remote Viewing Classes



Lyn Buchanan was one of the U.S. government's Controlled Remote Viewers (or as the press likes to say, "psychic spies") for the last eight and a half years of his military service.

The last seven years before his retirement, he was the remote viewing unit's trainer. He was also the database administrator, and continues collecting and using data to generate personal track records and to establish provable reliability ratings for remote viewers.

His New Mexico based company, Problems Solutions Innovations (PSI), trains new individual viewers and also trains complete remote viewing units for private corporations and other customers.

PSI also provides professional Controlled Remote Viewing services for civilians and civilian organizations, as well as providing public service work for police and other public-service agencies.

Lyn will be in Perth, Australia from Sept. 6-20 to teach two basic-level classes in Controlled Remote Viewing, the methodology used by the U.S. government for almost a quarter century to collect intelligence. He will also be available for people who have questions or would like media interviews.

Anyone in the area who is interested in contacting Lyn while there or attending one of the courses, please get in touch with the course coordinator:

Tania Cotterell
619 (08) 9440 3979 Home and work
0413 676 078 Mobile.

Click here to go to the IRVA Website for more info about remote viewing.

















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