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Psychic Detectives


Next month make your way if you can to the biggest roundup of psychic detectives and PSI talent this side of the Moon at the 2001 Remote Viewing Conference.

Held on June 15-17 at the Texas Station Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, it promises to bring a wide variety of psychic disciplines together. (And I understand the casino's a little worried about it's profit margin that weekend).

Key speaker will be astronaut Edgar Mitchell, a long-time proponent of ESP.

Others to share their views will be Russell Targ, remote viewing pioneer at Stanford Research Institute. His talk is called 'Why I teach Remote Viewing'.

Another psychic to speak is the legendary Beverly Jaegers. She is famous for working with police using the auspices of the US PSI Squad, which she founded.

The conference is organized by the International Remote Viewing Association, a non-profit group.






Russell Targ with Jane Katra


Beverly Jaegers (in red) and PSI Squad



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